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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series 2016 Race #2 - Kensington: Sprint


1. P P R +00:05Wrong route - should have gone left I think. However 5th fastest split!
2. P P R Good
3. P R Good
4. P R Good
5. P R Good. 2 minutes in, sitting pretty in 8th.
6. P +00:25Could not work out where the 6 circle was - went to 25 because that is where I thought 6 was supposed to be. 79th fastest.
7. R +00:10Crossed the line twice - On going left should have stayed left.
8. P +00:35Mistake - misread the buildings
9. P Had been most of the way
10. P +00:20Ran past it without seeing it: was looking at the north side of the passageway.
11. P R Slow up the steps. The ramp helped.
12. P +01:40Got to the centre of the circle OK. But the map at that point is mapping the level above, not the level I was on. So could not work it out.
13. P Had been there in 2014.
14. P +00:35Another trap. Once again the flag was down a level - this time down unmapped stairs.
15. P Jogging
16. Knew about the internal stairs. But did hesitate after.
17. P OK
18. P R Used the subway to good effect
19. P R Not so good using it this way
20. P R The easy road route was by far the best - boring. Knee starting to twinge; slowed down and tried to run with form.
21. P Over it by this stage
22. P R OK
23. P R Horrible steps again. Might have been better to go left
24. More steps
25. Good
26. Knee not happy
F. Walked the last bit

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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