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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Harold Parker: Adv. A


1. I was still taping my map case when Dennis said "Go". The start took place at the registration/finish/cookout tent, adding 350m to this trail run. Passed by Richard Blom.
2. +00:30Didn't see the stone wall, but did find a trail leading right into the confusing area of knolls. Found the correct one fairly quickly.
3. More unmapped trails. Mikkel Conradi passed me on a trail. Later we met in the woods and he sped to the control ahead of me.
4. +02:00Made an error reading the map and headed SW with the intention of hitting a trail. After a couple of minutes realized my error. Continued via the large clearing and road, approaching the control from the easy southwest.
6. Headed due south in hopes of picking up the little trail, but no luck. Just slow woods and open pools until the road. The knoll was considerably more tricky than it looked, due to several unmapped knolls in the vicinity. Met Mikkel Conradi near the control. We separated, and a few seconds later we both spotted the control from different directions.
7. +01:30It looked to me as if Mikkel headed straight for the marsh. My "clever" strategy was to go around to the right. As it turned out there was more messy marsh than I anticipated, and it probably cost me a minute. Also I took an unfortunate route down the steep side of the control's reentrant.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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