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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


1. Stood still scratching my head for a few seconds just short of the cliff, trying to figure out which way it should be facing.
2. Sweeping arc to the right to stay in the white, up through the stony gap in the green, and straight in; caught Randy Hall here.
3. Left trail before stome wall, bashed my way through the green, popped out on W end of hilltop and had an easy approach.
4. Left of marsh, slow going through the green. Saw Randy (for the last time) leaving control as I approached.
5. Pretty much straight, no problem.
6. Straight, no problem, guess I must have been dragging up the hill.
7. Went right down into reentrant, which was wall-to-wall stony ground and extremely bad footing. After stumbling through that for a whle, I eventually worked my way up to the jeep trail quite a bit further south than I expected, and it probably took me close to a minute to convince myself that I was in the right place. Eric Bone was ahead on the trail, and I was slowly gaining on him, but he cut off earlier, while I went all the way down to the stream.
8. Followed the line to jeep trail, then left on small trail until it went by small marsh on the right. Syd passed me in here. Pretty much straight from the marsh. Saw Dan Walker on the ridge, on his way to #15.
9. Through green up onto bare rock ridge.
10. Walking/jogging while I sucked down a package of Gu. Got close to the control, wasn't sure whether spectators were at the finish line (and didn't want to drop too much). Read map while I finished the Gu, and figured out where I was.
11. N to jeep trail, followed it to road bend, and took small road from there. Went to knoll on NW edge of circle, and Peter Goodwin and I scratched our heads wondering why we couldn't find the big cliff above us on our maps, then faced the music and climbed up to the control as Francis was coming down.
12. Overshot ever so slightly.
13. Around to the right, probably quite a bit farther than was good for me. Brian May cruises past.
14. Blast downhill, around green to the left, see Eddie leaving the control, and figure it will be tough to maintain this ~2 minute lead that I have on him.
15. Contouring, run like hell. Happened on the faint trail and took it, though I couldn't see it on the map until I thought I had gone about the right distance and slowed down to look more carefully. Correctly realized where I was, and went straight to control, although it didn't look like a cliff, so I figured it was probably a Red control, and I just needed to find this boulder on the map to know where I was. Checked the code for the hell of it, was surprised to see it was mine, but didn't argue. Man, that's a dinky cliff!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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