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Race Evaluation

25th Billygoat:


3. trail and clockwise around marsh, ahead of Bob Bullions and George Hawes here
4. +02:00stayed below cliffs, loser was the rocks w of marsh, B & G pass me about 1min out of control
5. trail bend e to bag, Pete Bundschuh paralleling me
6. up to small saddle, contour to swamp and in, pass a couple of dozen coming out, B & G now 2min behind
7. +02:30s of straight ending up 150m s of bag at wrong hilltop
9. left choice, cross marsh with trail then about straight across 1st trail to s most point on second trail, approach from ssw between green
10. +04:40nne to trail bend 250m wnw of bag, wander a bit with someone (bright yellow top), reason it out then back to bag, there's B & G
12. n to second wall then down
14. +00:20trail, clockwise around knob, approach from ssw
15. hard fall 150m short, B & G just behind, Mrs. Popova too
17. +03:40leave Mrs Popova climbing to intermittent trail 300m sse, keep left from trail to trail, s between marshes, then get w of planned route and marsh 300m nnw of bag, near bag get sucked n before recovering
18. catch B & G
20. Mrs Popova 1:30 behind me
21. n side of stream s of swamp
22. B & G still nearby
23. skip
24. +03:10avoid trail heading wsw n of long wall going my way, loser is footing, stay too high but B & G get there just ahead
25. get to bag just ahead of George
F. run!

Total Time Lost - 00:16:20

Split Analysis

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