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Race Evaluation

25th Billygoat:


3. +00:15Thought I was clever by taking left route (trail all the way down, then around W and N side of marsh) but looks like it was a wash or slight loss.
5. Good leg, caught the jog in the trail just right.
6. Skip. Still happy with this choice but hoping Ernst will do a statistical analysis vs. 23, I think it's close.
9. +00:30Left fork. A little sloppy in the execution: Should have stayed down on the beautifully smooth terrace rather than using the trail, and my final attack was left to the other trail where everyone else kept right.
10. Watched Jeff S. miss the trail jct.
12. +00:10Left (high) route, which everyone else seemed to do too. But in the final attack, I kept leftish to the trail and lost a wee bit to those who pushed right through the slot. Also, twisted my ankle a bit in the barberry in spite of newfangled hightop O-shoes, slightly slowed for the rest of the race.
13. Watched Deb H. and a few others leave trail too soon.
14. Back to trail; probably straight was equal or a tad faster.
15. Leftish to miss almost all climb, but again it seems those who went straight did as well or a bit better.
16. +00:40Left route, unlike most everybody else: Backtrack a bit, then south through notch, then along W edge of marsh (E side of green ridge that everyone else ran W of). I'm guessing 20 sec. lost on route choice and 20 sec. on execution (backtracked too far, almost entered wrong notch).
17. Passed by faster runners (Kris H., Andy H., J-J C., several others) and let them lure me off the trail sooner than I had planned. Probably a wash, less trail but attack along southbound wall was great.
18. +00:30Again a different route than the rest: W down slope (probably the gentler, less rocky slope of the S spur was faster) then S along the W side of the marsh (some slight hangups in the muck).
23. Almost attacked from the back but ultimately attacked from the N figuring, correctly, that there had to be a path through the green from previous traffic to 24.
24. +00:15Kept right of the marshy valley over the last few hundred meters, left to trail might have been a bit better.
25. All the way out to the mouth of the reentrant/excavation and around. Did anybody climb straight out?

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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