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Race Evaluation

Buffalo Orienteering Festival: Sprint - Course 2


1. st to L road, around the bends, bit of caution at end
2. back out the way I came in, didn't even bother with road last half
3. note control locale of next upon arriving
4. st, using bldg & attack fm rough open just to W
5. little R of st, to road bend, onto spur, had to be there
6. right bk up spur, saw this control on the way by
7. roads to hop-off point
8. saw where 8 should be on way to 7
9. some people in the way...
10. road will take you there...
11. down the rt hand slope
12. and then a quick, hard left, tad L of N
13. bk to middle slope, down to end of white & there it was
14. up & away as all was visible
F. decent sprint! fun.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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