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Race Evaluation

25th Billygoat:


1. Peter in sight and Ken W.; Peggy and Kristin right behind for a while; heard them talking about skipping 23
2. Trying to hang onto Peter, Ken and Peggy strung out in front
3. Following Ken, Peggy and now George W, but they are getting further away
4. Looked like a good skip, but still trying to hang on.
6. With Ken and George, got off to the E on top of the cliffs. When we got down in the reentrant got swept up with the crowd going from 6 to 7 and ran 100 m S before turning around. Ouch!
7. All alone, reasonably straight line. Saw Bill Jameson up ahead on the last climb. Passed Rob Freeberg right at the top, who had already skipped.
8. Caught up to Bill at the control, briefly.
9. Left fork, all alone. Longer, but a less busy looking map section - easier to read.
10. Still alone, misread the trail junction under the line, but recovered.
11. Ran into a crowd at the control, including Susie DeWitt, John Goodwin
12. Followed a pack along the top. They all went out to the road. I cut through the slot in the green and got ahead.
13. Alone again, felt like I was pushing a wheelbarrow up the hill.
15. Saw what was probably Viktoria leaving the control and heading S to the trail. Followed to the trail before I read my map, so I had to go a little extra. Susie at the control again.
16. Caught up to a line of people, including George, Peter & John Goodwin, others.
17. George and John and I got ahead of the others, across the marshes to the trail junction just right of the line. Decided to stay near the line and catch the stone wall leading in. When I was in front we drifted left. When George was in front we drifted right. Back and forth till we hit the trail again - probably wasted 4 minutes! Caught Susie again before the flag, and Peter Goodwin right after it.
18. Down the spur, the flat and marshy section of my map was frayed and not legible, so I cut around to the right.
19. Drifted west to the wrong trail and had to head back, getting behind Peter and Susie again.
20. Didn't read the description, and thought I was looking for the stonewall corner, but not a big problem
22. Scott Turner was on the rocky knoll NE of the control, looking around in all directions. I got in ahead of him.
23. Skip. I think 6 (and probably 4, too) was a better skip, but glad to be almost done.
24. Scott passed me on the way down the trail but cut off to 23. Down the wall, and off the bend in the last NS wall fragment.
25. wandered out the mouth of the ditch, and headed W before I corrected.
F. Nobody near in front or in back, so no motivation to sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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