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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat


4. Went right around the marsh; bad choice, I think.
5. Left fork.
7. +00:30Ok, I was not 100% sure of where I left the trail, but basically followed the marsh edge into the control. Marsh edge was kind of funky, so lots of hesitation.
8. +00:20Went a little bit far around on the right, pulled a bit by Audun. Time lost is mostly in picking the least-optimal micro-route through brambles. I could probably subtract this time from every leg.
9. +03:00Took the first big trail, then the little trail off it, then got kind of lazy when I saw Peter up ahead and stopped paying close attention. Lost probably 1.5 min looking for the control. The rest of the time is on taking a bloody stupid route to the road, by trying to hit the trail way to the east. Much better route would be to just go basically straight.
13. +02:00Made some non-optimal choices here. First, got stuck in green stuff right away, then went btwn the unpassable marshes, eventually crossing just below the N one, hit the small trail and followed it W for a while, then strung together some trails and came at the control from the E. Better, I think, to head straighter and avoid some climb.
14. I don't think this control was in quite the right place, but whatever.
15. Skipped
16. +00:20On trails a good bit of the way, kind of unsure where exactly on the big trail at first.
17. Easy.
18. Easy.
19. Easy.
20. Pretty much spiked it, although I didn't notice how high up it would be.
21. Nice view! Probably could have taken a route with a bit less green, but I did pretty well on this one.
22. A tad L of the line, through the clearings.
F. Overall, not a bad day. Took it as training since I'm in pretty poor shape at the moment. Need to work on moving more efficiently through the woods, noticing more details/more important details (i.e. need to do more map reading).

Total Time Lost - 00:06:10

Split Analysis

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