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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XIX - U.S. Individual Champs - Sprint-Middle-Long: Long - 8 Green M


1. P D R 1
2. P D P R 2
3. P D R 4 +11:30Mental error. Didn't check compass. Followed wrong trail. Went up wrong ridge to west of control. Lots of green coming back down. Bummer.
4. P D R 2
5. P D R 4 +02:00Into the green stuff. Hit control right on, but moving slowly.
6. P D 5 +18:00Another mental error. Didn't go west on trail at bottom of hill from 5 so climbed wrong spur. Went into wrong reentrant system. Great navigational challenging leg but no good route through the green. I really liked the rest of the course but not this leg (Because of the veg)
7. P D P R 3 Interesting route choices for this leg. I took the low road down the stream.
8. 3 Cramping hammies.
9. 2
10. 2 +01:30
11. 1 +00:20
F. 0 +00:10

Total Time Lost - 00:33:30

Split Analysis

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