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Race Evaluation

Ran-it Granite: Green X Day 2


1. down to the stream and along to the bend. A little difficulty reading the small features on the map
2. More difficulty with reading. W to the pond, but then had to climb down gingerly, around on the trail
3. Saw Nancy off to my right as I took a pretty straight route and spiked it.
4. +00:20Intentionally right of line and around hilltop, hitting E trail near junk car and then up to trail jct, then up reentrant. Ended up a bit low and left and then back to flag
5. +05:00Straight line, but apparently just a bit left and didn't see anything as I came down the hill. There was a guy who had been left of me who came running across to my right, so I assumed I was too far left and thrashed around a bit before heading back to what was really a pretty obvious feature
6. Fairly straight, passed by Tim and Ben Parson along the way, and Rick Worner near the control
7. Straight again, noting pattern of open area and small copse in it. Passed Nancy again near open area. Spike.
8. Left of line up small reentrant in spur and across top of larger reentrant near field corner, past junk piles and down reentrant. Spike.
9. Easy
10. +05:00Trail NE and then SE to field, then SW out of field, but missed control and continued on to ditch 150m SW, then back by Green Y control at pit and finally got it.
11. Trail to jct, then straight. No problem
12. +12:00S to trail, then along trail and lost concentration. Thought perhaps I had gone too far and cut off into the crappy woods thinking it was green, but I was short of control and kept drifting, finally coming to fields N of OB house, then back by church and eventually back to area of control. Disaster.
13. +01:30Really tired by now and not moving or thinking well. Left of line, then slogging through intricate area checking a few extra pits with Carl Childs
14. +02:00Pretty non-functional by now. couldn't read area very well and went up and over spur instead of around beneath it, ending up too far N and floundering a bit.
15. +00:30Drifted right
F. Passed Holly K in the chute, but she outpunched me as I stabbed a few times at the box. Couldn't seem to do anything right!

Total Time Lost - 00:26:20

Split Analysis

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