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Race Evaluation

Ran-it Granite: Green X Day 2


1. along path to spur, by 2 rs, carefully down
2. around S of pond, spot big bldr
3. st, use stream/reent, st across open, carefully down, spotted early ditch
4. nice knoll, broad reent, & up tad cautiously
5. st, open fast woods,
6. st, & up/around broad spur
7. st, near high pt in open, & down spur
8. SE across big reentrant, caught SW corner of open - more to L than planned. but SSW down developing reentrant
9. st
10. st, with ups & downs, but wandered L in big reentrant - crossed path, expected to turn R, finally showed up
11. E to path, took it to where stream is closest for second time, then little S of E to flat
12. st to path, along it, then stream to jct w/ path then careful in grn
13. st! caution - cross yellow, lots to read but open
14. st, across reentrant by spur - read most
15. st - almost done!
F. hurry along

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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