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Race Evaluation

DVOA Crows Nest Preserve-French Creek: RED


1. P D P R 3 Found myself on the map nicely getting to the footbridge. More deliberate in taking a compass bearing off the end of the stone wall. Normally would blast into the woods here. Should have went straighter.
2. P D P R 3 Pace and compass but keeping tabs of ditches. Aimed off low and moved my way up. Tricky area to make sense of though, so good to have a plan.
3. P D P R 3 Easy control. Moved out of 2 nicely. Took a quick bearing off the trail junction, but no need to pace count.
4. P D P R 4 Hesitant on route, almost went straight. Came in off trail bend/veg/big rocks. Came in slower with pace count, and found it clean.
5. P D P R 4 +03:15Maybe could have blasted to this one, but ran west to sign on trail thinking I might avoid some big boulders. Was aiming for the island in stream, ended up at boulders on stream. Misread the area, hitting the path behind... finding the boulder just south and relocating. Didn't really see the marsh.
6. P D P R 4 +01:30Surprised I didn't notice the trail option, that would have saved some time. Cut through the okay woods, hit the trail, moved up to boulder/indistinct path. Had a bad pace count number in my head. Passed the control, seeing and ignoring it, hit the marsh and turned back.
7. P D P R 4 +01:40Lack of focus here. I thought it would be tough to pace count to a boulder through those woods, esp with the green, but the cliff would be a good attack. Ran too far up the trail, going up the steepness, and decided just to follow the stone wall. Hit the NW boulder, then split the difference with the control and N boulder, correcting to N boulder, then correcting to the control
8. P D P R 3 Aim off high on trail, hit in good spot, running to boulder on trail 35 paces from sign. p/c in
9. P D P R 3 +01:15p/c but was a little right. could have been more aggressive with backstop. Moved from 4th to 5th here, with 6th only 20 seconds behind.
10. P D P R 3 p/c correcting off rootstock ( i think) . more deliberate than usual. woods were pretty open here.
11. P D P R 3 Took forever to get to the trail. Came in off the steepness/dark green. Took some time to find the boulder. Now in 6th.
12. P D P R 5 +01:00Took the long route, straight north to road then east. Frustrating that I lost some map contact, and got confused how far down I was on the road. Safe route, moving me back to 4th.
13. P D P R 3 +00:15Opened a water jug and took a drink. Sam was coming towards control. Felt I could be aggressive coming in with some easier controls. Stone wall, cross 2 ditches, split the difference, see control.
14. P D P R 3 Found a deer path through field border green. Went a different way than Sam, meeting up with him at control. Leg's feelin it.
15. P D P R 4 +00:20Left route.. Sam went right. Found the indistinct path, but lost it... got to area... round depression to east of control and corrected. Faired better than the guys ahead of me.
16. P D P R 3 Cut the corner here; more just b/c I was getting tired.
17. P D P R 1 +00:03Lined up my compass, looked up, and saw the control.
18. P D P R 1 +00:05Hesitated at the intermediate control, why not.
F. 0

Total Time Lost - 00:09:23

Split Analysis

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