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Race Evaluation

GMOC A-Meet: Relay - Green


1. Out with the wave start on Green, middle of the pack to start triangle, did not take separate split going to triangle
2. straight out back side of field and straight, came right up and over hill and spiked control either first or possibly second of the mass group
4. +03:00clean line, ended up at the knolls but saw no flag, quick look at map and assumed I was on knoll to NE, ran down the ridge a ways, realized I was in the right place originally and then back to flag. Damn... there it was. Peter Gagarin caught me here.
5. Did not read control description
Got to reentrant saw flag but 'wrong' code. Looked at map while Peter got away and realized I had read the wrong description code (I hate reading the descriptions off the map since they are always under the folded part.
6. Had Peter in sight ahead for the next few controls, all pretty clean, solid map contact at all times but also keeping Peter in view - similar route choices.
9. +00:15Was going to go straight, but saw Peter going trails to the start triangle, seems like a better idea - head that way but beginning to lose him on trails. Got down into a reentrant and saw no flag, looked down to double check map and noted that the broader reentrant above hooked around to smaller reentrant lower down where flag was. Look up to find Peter gone....
10. Come into the field to see Peter disappearing in the distance. Last I will see of him. Take straight line with elephant path but have to leap off a 2.5m stonewall/cellar hole thing, thinking it would have been a bit faster to go a little right and stay in the yellow longer. Oh well. Into control cleanly
11. Bad route choice
Saw stonewall in green on the straight line (did not see the white around stone wall at the time) and decide its probably pretty nasty along the stonewall. Headed up to the yellow, follow trail and then down through white woods. In retrospect I probably lost a full minute on route choice here.
12. Nice and clean - spike.
13. Bad route choice
Was going to go out to field and around, but took a quick look through the woods and thought (don't look too bad) and took the straight line - bad choice. Also my glasses fogged to the useless point so off they came mid way and the last half I was pretty blind - had to check a couple of hill tops before finding the correct one.
14. A WCOC runner punched right in front of me so being pretty blind at this point I followed him to the GO control.
F. Tried to outsprint the WCOC runner in the chute, assumed Tim Parsons had already left in a wave start (I'm still running blind here) and missed tagging him as I crossed the line, fell down, had to get back up and tag him out of the start. A couple route choice errors, a couple hesitation errors and unable to see the last few controls, but all in all a decent run for me.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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