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Race Evaluation

NEOC Heart and Troll Revival A-Meet: Red Day 2


1. +00:25I ran straightish on what seemed to be an old road, until reaching the larger trail. I climbed further on it above the green before attacking. I got suckered into checking the control in the reentrant below before going in. I guess there was enough doubt from yesterday to leave little to chance.
2. +13:00I started to go high to use the trail even though my first inclination was to contour across to the trail that would take me further west before ending. I went through a trail intersection that was less distinct than I thought it'd be. Realizing it after the intersection, I cut back, aiming only to reach the further large rocky vertical reentrant. I came down what I thought it would be but must have dropped too low. Cutting over I hit a ride and kept running. I expected to see more marsh or trail intersection before attacking but nothing made sense. I saw a sign on my left indicating that it was the Quarry Trail but I didn't recognize what it was until too late. I had been rushing to leave the area since other Red course runners were nearby and I thought I was still too low. Had I unfolded my map I'd have seen the out of bounds area and known just where I was. Instead, I went up at least 4 more contours before returning and spiraling into the control from the trail above it.
3. +00:50I followed reentrants down. At one point I hesitated as the reentrant seemed to split but not match the map. The part matching the map was ahead. I shuffled along, seeing a runner out of the corner of my eye whom I thought was Dharia. She had been stopped and was reading but I was happy to go ahead to the control.
4. I left in a hurry and didn't notice that there was a trail I needed to cross before turning left. I turned left on the first trail and started to get off track. Stopping and reading, I doubled back and began crossing the reentrant. I could see the runner who I was ahead of at #3 up on the trail a few contours above. I gave chase and was a bit surprised that I wasn't catching up quite as fast as I had expected. Just before getting to the control I realized it wasn't Dharia but Ksenya.
5. Ksenya headed straight for the trail. I angled toward it figuring that I'd hit the trail or see Ksenya running on it. I saw neither so I corrected my direction. Going right past #9 then coming across the hilltops and through the light green, I spiked the control.
6. I ran fairly straight just aiming for the end of the ridge and the cliff.
7. I cut left a bit and came through the reentrant. There seemed to be more contour detail than shown but I kept going and hit it well.
8. I had read the map incorrectly, thinking I would be losing altitude, not climbing it. I had to stop to correct my thinking, then went ahead. The rocks on the knoll clued me in.
9. I started down the reentrant, then realized I was in the wrong one. Going to #9 earlier had helped. I crossed over the small spur to my left and saw it a long way off.
10. I headed for and found the trail this time. The branches and rocks lining it helped a lot. I moved along pretty well going to the road. I went up over the knoll when I could have gone around.
11. I went around the right side of the hill. I was unconcerned about detail or lack of it. At one point I saw Kathleen Lennon coming off the hill on a sort of spur before the reentrant that I was looking for. The reentrant was more shallow than expected but I went along it right to the control.
12. I kept a good straight bearing and descended over the stony ground. When I saw a spur I checked my map and adjusted slightly to come down off it. The stream bend sort of matched so I went straight and into the correct reentrant on the other side. From there it was just slow climbing. I was tired but happy.
13. I angled across, aiming off to be sure to find it. This incurred climbing across two steep but short reentrants.
14. I angled across the many reentrants then up to the trail. Leaving from the bend, I spiked it, after crossing the other trail.
15. +01:00I was a bit sloppy leaving. I intended to go fairly straight then use trails but I got a bit too far right. I got on a trail then ran quickly past an older orietienteer who was walking. I was on the trail and got confused at the intersection. There were many more trail there than expected and then the walking orienteer almost caught me. I figured I'd just better go ahead and did. I used the shoreline to figure out where I'd gotten.
F. I didn't want to sprint too hard since it might risk further injury. I appreciated Greg Lennon's cheering.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:15

Split Analysis

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