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Race Evaluation

NEOC Heart and Troll Revival A-Meet: Red Day 1


1. +04:00I didn't have a good plan. I got over the first ridge and thought I was higher. When I crossed a trail because I thought I was higher I left the trail at one bend thinking it was another. This made my attack take me too low. I saw Peggy go through at one point (she started later than I had) but didn't find it until a few more minutes later.
2. +02:50I planned to contour around but pulled up too short. After hunting a while another orienteer came through and this convinced me to go further too.
3. +02:00Going straight, the climb made me go slow enough that I was reading just about everything along the way. I came off the first pond but got a bit to the left, putting me in-between the next two ponds. I expected to be able to see it to my right but when I couldn't, I went higher. Only after coming back down and going to the pond could I see that the control was tucked away a bit to the right and low, out of view of my earlier approach.
4. +01:30I ran to the hilltop but as I attacked, I must have set a bad bearing or read the control incorrectly. I was far to the left and hunted several cliffs before reorienting my map and going to it.
5. I started out going straight then took the trail until a trail bend after crossing the marsh. I rounded the spur then came in through the saddle. Finally, I navigated to a control without error.
6. Over the hill, I started to drift left but corrected near the end.
7. I thought I was running this one well, reading features along the way and using the reentrants. At the end, I hesitated a bit. The initial formline knolls confused me. I came to the control along the edge of top of the ridge.
8. I followed the elephant trail. I didn't stop for water.
9. +00:30Across the road going straight, I crossed the confluence then went straight. I started to get a bit to the left and got distracted by the boulder there. Fortunately, I had looked back before reaching it and I saw the control. I wasn't until that point that I was able to distinguish there being two boulders on the edge of the stony ground. Another guy was approaching as I punched and I think it was the guy I had seen on the way to #2.
10. I went the left route through the saddle. I got a little off track too far to the left at one point before reaching the hight point but corrected. The other guy who was approaching at #9 seemed to go around to the right. As was descending, I saw the other guy go from my right to my left thus missing the control. I keyed off the flat area and think I either saw a ribbon or bit of the control from far off.
11. I took the trail. The other guy at #10, soon caught and passed me. I felt slow running and with no energy to climb. I ready my way along well, and angled into the correct reentrant. Though I'd lost sight of the other guy at #10 for a little while, I saw him again and several others as I descended. I ready my way down well, staying to the left of the stream at the end to spike the control.
12. +05:30I'd plotted a route left of straight and was executing it well for a while. I saw Barb Bryant ahead and passed her soon as she crossed a reentrant and went around it. Seeing Barb made me a little hopeful that I could catch up to Peggy. I got into what I thought was the scattered tree area and descended more expecting to see the control. I was a little too far west (right) according to my GPS track. I kept going. I soon saw Peggy and got distracted. We crossed paths at a reentrant which was very distinct but even now on the map looks like it wasn't oriented correctly. I got confused and started thinking that I was looking for #13. Peggy and I crossed paths again and I realized she'd found it. I ran to it getting there just behind Barb who was coming from the other direction. After punching I realized I had missed #12.... Back up 6 contours, I ate a Gu along the way and finally punched 3:20 minutes after punching at #13.
13. +00:12Going back much the way I had come, I ran until it started to flatten a bit. I still managed to get too far to the left and had to correct at the end.
14. +07:00I thought about contouring over along the flatter looking part and the index contour but went straighter. I thought I knew where I was after climbing a little and crossing a reentrant. I adjusted a bit but missed, going too low. Once in the cliff filled reentrant, I couldn't tell where I was. I hunted lower before going up. There was at least one tall and somewhat long right angle cliff that I passed twice and which should have popped out at me but on the map, this one is rounded.
15. +01:00I navigated pretty well going straight on this leg by using the big stream crossings and lower ends of the many cliffs. At the end of the leg, I was a little hesitant but started up the correct reentrant. Like #3, I didn't see the control ahead. I saw a person (Nancy Kaelor?) going from right to left so I wondered if I'd cut up one reentrant early. After a short errant loop on the spur south of the control, I corrected.
16. +03:30I started going straightish and intending to shoot the gap between the greens. I was doing okay when I realized that I'd end up having to drop through some stony ground. What I didn't realize was that I was reading leg as if it were going to #9. For these and perhaps other unknown reasons, I didn't see the road option to #16. I ended up cutting through the green fight and then crossing the marsh. The green fight put me at a walking pace and the marsh was muckier than expected. I fell at one point, getting my map a bit dirty. I ended up passing right by #9, then continuing past the boulder, over the trail and in, thus spiking teh last half of the leg. However, the damage was already done with the poor route selection.
17. +01:00I angled down, crossing only what I thought was one trail before turning left on another. I ended up being on the ridge trail, north of the end. I reversed direction and came down
F. Too tired and unwilling to risk further knee pain on the run in, I didn't push it.

Total Time Lost - 00:29:02

Split Analysis

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