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Race Evaluation

DVOA Warwick County Park: Red


2. P D P R 3 I believe I took the best route and executed using a pace count.
3. P D P R 2 +02:30Poor focus. Just not good... should have found it right away. Hit the trail by the uphill bend, mistaked it for another bend. Got distracted by another runner.
4. P D P R 3
5. P D P R 3
6. P D P R 4 Knew to be careful here, so split time is lower (10th), but avoided big mistake. Came in at trail bend, was a little east but corrected.
7. P D P R 3 A little slow getting up the hill
8. P D P R 3
9. P D P R 4 +00:30Little slow going through the dark green. Some trouble reading water features. Entered some nice woods, thinking I was by the control but was still short.
10. P D P R 4 A little conservative on route (err north) but clean
11. P D P R 4 aggressive and clean
12. P D P R 4 +00:20missed this one, having to turn back. I think this area was a little messy (trees down) so slow travel.
13. P D P R 4 +00:05Didn't read the clue, thought it was on the rootstock. Backdoored to feature.
14. P D P R 4 I think the trail is missing. Not sure if my route was good; avoided the green stuff, but took a longer approach.
15. P D P 3 +00:40Oops, getting sloppy now. Was in a habit of running to one side and dropping, but got pulled off by a control in a reentrant (that looked like a terrace).
16. P D P R 4 compass and pace, hit the terrace and then saw the control from very far
17. P D P R 4 +02:25Oops, same mistake as 15 but didnt relocate well. Started left, saw a reentrant getting pulled off. Seeing the finish line, got confused and panicky and eventually found it. Same leg as last year.
18. P D P R 2 fun downhill run
19. 1
F. 1 i think this was slightly off

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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