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Race Evaluation

Eric Weyman's Fatlands training: Blue


1. Bad route choice
count rides and get the correct trail. Was feeling tenative. Went over instead of around the embankment
2. +00:10blast at it figuring the clearing was a big enough feature to hit and there was good catching trails right behind. Beautiful stand of pines thru here. Hit clearing Lost 10 sec looking.
3. off the circle in the road used the bigger clearing on the right to gauge my progess and smaller one as attack point
4. right thru the open area to trail on other side of embankment off trail bend
5. know this area very well handrailed along the swamp
6. picked off the field cut in off the main trail at the stream ran 'till end of tree clusters
7. Hesitated
bearing but was way to tenative
8. around the marsh and off the powerline tower
9. hate the maze because its confusing and map is out of date. Planned whole route around avoiding it. Followed stream to fence and off thicket bulge. Thought it was a good choice to avoid the big mistake but steep contours made the stream slow going. Also a tunnel thru the embankment that I missed
10. blast at it trying to ignore the trails and read the vegatation. Dead on although little confidence en route
11. Tired
right at it off stream bend and up easy to read reentrant. Heat is really starting to to take toll
12. Did not like map
Bad compass work
again maze avoidance dictated the route choice. Down to cul-de-sac to ride to sharp bending trail. Got greedy and cut corner by going off powerline tower. Messed up beginning part of leg by hitting brambly part of ride before stream and end of leg by a few sec before realising I was confused by unmapped trail in the maze
13. Tired
straight up to interstate and right in. Eddie thought I would beat him on this choice but either I was tired or his choice wasn't as bad as he thought
14. Bad route choice
down to the ride count towers and in. Hit the ride east of the swamp so lost time there. Also tenative on the downhill at the beginning because of a sore foot.
15. Tired
still know this area real well, including the stinging nettles on this side of the bag too :)
16. Tired
ride to cut corner in light green woods to field edge follow stream in. Too tired to attempt darker green woods
17. Tired
Lacked concentration
really dragging up mandatory route. Down spur pick off exclosure missed bag by 20 feet
18. Tired
Unused to terrain
long way down field around and up to avoid climb and simplyify attack late on a hot day. Walked some. Attacked off the clearing complex. Little confused by the standing water in the white woods near the bag but figured out the contours
19. No attack point
straight over between the out of bounds swamps. Was a nice trail right too it almost. Still missed it though caught by the clearing complex to the east. Really tired
20. Tired
straight at it going slow enough now to read every feature including the ditch complex right before it. Still missed it somehow. Lucked into it while relocating after losing a couple of minutes
21. Tired
straight at it aiming off south. Ride to trail looks better if one has running speed left. Tenative near river
F. Tired
slog in. Thx Eric!

Total Time Lost - 00:05:50

Split Analysis

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