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Race Evaluation

Eric Weyman's Fatlands training: Blue


1. Mamma and baby ducks. She quacked and quacked, but I just couldn't make out what she wanted.
2. backdoor all the way around on trail.
3. +00:15ended up right at dam and had to go left. Passed Sandy F. on the way, but she beat me to the control by being a better orienteer.
6. ran edge of wheat field for entire length.
9. diagonal up to second grid trail, then zig and zag.
10. +02:00down teh diagonal trail to wht woods, then across, picking up both clearings. Attacked off sm. trialngle clearning, but didn;t pace and pulled up in front of the thicket. went south to trail, back up to the clearning, and re-attacked on pace this time.
11. trail, across stream to field arm, then in.
12. South to power line, around the hook on trail.
13. trail to end of hill, then dogleg. Saw Randy H. coming out of here on trail.
14. trail, contour above swamp, trail, attacked off "two boulders" which were actually a telephone pole. Saw Randy coming out.
15. up to power line trail.
16. left of marsh, then straigt towards building, then rt a little on trail.
18. +03:00road to corner, across field, trail, across clearing, up clearing arm then in.
19. Ran along top of dam to end of second pond then in, but missed left and didn;t pace so overshot and was lookign for it one contour too high.
20. +00:10trail to just past small bend, then over dam into big pit.
21. straight off road bend to river, then rt along shore.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:25

Split Analysis

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