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Race Evaluation

North American Championships: Sprint Red/Blue Preliminary


3. Crossed pasture NW, out to trail, to road, left on trail, then along elephant tracks - of which there were many today.
4. I tried to hit trail at SW corner of forest but it was hard to get in and mapped accordingly.
5. I took the long way, NE on trail to open land skirting N side of forest.
6. I nearly screwed this up as I went E across both roads until I realised I had veer N to trail.
7. I ran along fence and found lots of prickly plants yet still third fastest of peers.
8. Nearing the control I encountered vines on the ground that were bigger than ropes and unbreakable with even the greatest force.
10. This was the third fastest leg in my age group - straight running.
11. N to road, then right, down road to intersection, doubled back UP pavement - slower than most of my peers' routes.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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