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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup and Extreme-O :: Sweetwater Creek State Park: Blue Day 1


1. D P R +01:31First time back since Estonia. And of course, ran horribly. On a 1:15000 map I should've known to go a bit further but I was nervous about overshooting so close to the edge of the map with no catching feature so perhaps it was better I stayed short.
2. P D P R +04:19Plan was pretty simple. Cross the manmade feature (i.e. junk pile) and run straight to the rootstocks. Somehow drifted left.
3. P D P R +02:16Used the green hash as something resembling a trail to take me as close to 3 as I could. Didn't work incredibly well, but it wasn't a horrible idea.
4. P D P R Followed the creek straight to four. Pretty simple route. Just slow.
5. P Opted to go low and just suck up the hill at the very end.
6. P D Long leg. Ran along and used the rusted old fences to guide me in. Thankfully I managed to see them or I might have been in trouble.
7. Another somewhat indistinct point in a reentrant. I just didn't have a feel for these and my times suffered.
8. P D P R Ran down the reentrant from 7. Straightforward
9. P D P R +05:21Parallel errors on the spurs. Couldn't figure out where I was.
10. P D P R +04:29Same issues as the previous leg. Just couldn't visualize the contours.
11. P D P R +01:51Not too bad a leg in theory. Pretty easy linear feature pointing straight to the point. Still ended up too short and turned around.
12. +01:06This leg was mostly just slow, and not my normal boneheadness navigating. Was starting to feel the lack of conditioning.
13. P D P R More slowness, but used the indistinct trails to point me to it.
14. P D P R Didn't really have a solid plan, but still sort of went straight to it. Lucky.
15. P D P R Pretty simple route. Only one real choice.
17. P D R Ran through the swamp leading down to the road instead of down the trail, no idea why.
F. Lamest go-control ever.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:53

Split Analysis

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