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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: GreenX Middle


1. +00:20down path to jct with stream & then compass - was too close to rd - shakey start
2. st, read contours, crossed stream, saw broad knoll, carefully S to rs
3. st, everything came up
4. ditto - but short legs can cost time
5. ...pretty much st, care to not be confused by spur
6. +00:20st, ran right by - turned around saw - phew
7. pretty much st, goal was to get to wall bend for AP, climbed out of big reentrant to find it
8. +00:15went thru dk grn & around wrong side
9. +00:45small path N & around to jct - conservative & slower - 55" off leader!
10. hard leg - read all, be careful. bit L of spur backbone - saw stony gnd patch, & reentrant leading to wet area
11. st
12. st, saw pond enroute, & up onto spur/knoll
13. st, nice fast leg, open some others converging
14. road in
F. bring it home - a good run!

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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