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Race Evaluation

DVOA Camp Horseshoe: Green


1. got pulled east and downhill. could not see major trail until I was right on it. I was not confident approaching trail
2. took a route through woods. many deep reentrants slowed me down and I think I was lucky to find this control whithout loosing more time
3. another where the printing offset of 10m played havoc. very difficult to determine which small open area was the one.
4. P D P R fast and open
5. P got caught in dead end trails at the start but did well after that in spite of trails fading out.
6. would like to do this over - should have taken a more direct route. trying to conserve vertical. also messed up 'top of cliff'
9. This control was moved to new location with no mention of it on map or ctrl sheet. I took the high road to attack from top when I should have stayed low and on the road.
10. Ugly. A very long leg with no easy approach. surprising I had the fastest time
11. P D P R fairly easy once I got off the rock slope
12. P should have taken direct apporach. came at control from behind and would have seen it sooner from other angle.
13. P D P R route to 12 helped navigate first half of this leg
14. P D P R fence? it was a cage and with the print offset, I took the wrong trail into the woods
15. P D P R uncertain of vegitation growth, I ended up getting pushed out to the road... a much longer route... but still fastest?
F. I hate long uphill finishes.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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