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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Red Sprint


1. Last start, so I'd seen that almost everyone else had gone on the road to the left, so that's what I did. It seemed the most obvious route anyway. Started off totally in tune with the map, reading everything.
2. Attack to this control seemed pretty clear, though I did hesitate a little on where to cross down to the lower road. I think the upper road route would have been just fine, so maybe some time lost. Still reading everything.
3. +00:10Went around the building to the right, to avoid going past the control. Unfortunately wasn't keeping track of where I was and pulled into the little cutout before the control. Had to stop and unconfuse myself.
4. Went back out the way I came but was turned off by the stairs and went across the hill... and then up anyway, since I had to. This one was a no-brainer on the road, should have just pounded up the stairs.
5. +00:10Right seemed the only sensible route - unfortunately went right by it at the bottom of the grassy hill and much of th way towards 6. Brain starting to get away from me.
6. Hesitated, trying to figure out whether the bag was on the porch or next to it. Saw Tori on her way out.
7. Down the stairs to the right, which was the first time that stairs seemed to get in the way. Seemed slow to run along the sidewalk thing along the building, but nothing else seem(s/ed) any better. Reading okay, but not everything anymore.
8. +00:30Blew right past the courtyard with the tree, took me a little to figure it out. Definitely starting to move faster than I could read the map.
9. A little shook up from the last control, took this one a little slower and actually figured out what was going on. Almost wished I'd had my magnifier.
10. +00:10This one seemed super easy to hit, with all the open space in front of it, but sure enough I spaced out a bit and got confused at the edge of the big field. Took a weird route across, way left of the line, and then couldn't read where the olive green was in front of the control. Getting pretty sloppy.
11. Ran out of the control to the left, same as Tori ahead (still hadn't caught her, or even seen much with my goof at 8), but that doesn't seem like the best way. No problem actually hitting the control, though.
12. +00:15Didn't read the olive and the hedges and walls and went left. Swore a few times as I realized what a poor choice I'd made.
13. This one looked pretty obvious, especially since I just had to run right by 10. Reading a little better again.
14. +00:10Oy. Trying to catch Tori, turned in towards 15 behind her and then thought that I was going to get stuck, so I turned around and went between to the next building gap, which required going down some small stairs and then approaching the control the same way. Definite brain fart.
15. Stayed high, Tori went low, finally got really close.
16. Pushed it down the stairs to get ahead.
17. There was only one way to this control, and it was frustrating, since it was on the other side of a hedge. Pushed hard to stay ahead of Tori.
18. End in sight! Wasn't too afraid of missing this one, what with the streamers and stuff.
F. Unsatisfying finish. I knew I'd screwed too much up.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:25

Split Analysis

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