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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Classic Green X


1. Why so slow? Seemed straightforward, although it took a long time. Just up and over, down to cross the road near the stream and aroun N edge of pond and in. No problem.
2. Up and over through saddle, then across nest hill S of big rock, pretty much right on the line. No problem here, either.
3. Stayed a bit high, contouring around from big rock to the SE of control. Straight in.
4. Left of line to avoid climb and to check off pond to my left, then up the reentrant. Stopped for a bit on a more likely looking bare rock spur that is not mapped.
5. Between the small ponds just R of line, stopping for a few seconds just above the control checking other cliffs in the area.
6. +07:00Planned to just go around the ond and through rocky area below the big hill, but got the bright idea to head more NW to the road and around from that side. Not so bad, but made a parallel error and went back down a reentrant in the middle of the hill, wandering around for a while on similar looking stuff before bailing out to the road and doing it right the second time. Darn!
7. Road to the corner, then pretty much straight, crossing the stream and staying below the cliffs. Saw the spurs as I was going up hill. Just fine.
8. +30:00Tried to go through saddle with green blobs to the EW trail, but just couldn't get there. Couldn't follow a compass line, and every time I tried to go south it was uphill. Just kept drifting west. Crossed smaller trail, and would have done well to follow it SE to big trail, but thought I could cut the corner. I couldn't. Kept drifting W and eventually NW and found myself on the trail N of the green marshy area, except I couldn't figure out where I was. Headed back E and N untilI got near a large boulder on right side of trail, which I couldn't place because I no longer had any reasonable idea of where I might be. Drifted SE and found an orange control on a bare rock knoll, but still didn't know where I was. Finally found small trail again and followed it SE to big trail and executed more or less as planned, except for getting caught up in the worse than expected laurel N of control.
9. REally tired and footsore now. Great difficulty getting down rocky hillside. No difficulty with execution otherwise, though.
10. Saw Glen go by looking strong. I'm barely shuffling. In a fair amount of discomfort from right foot and knee.
11. Miserable getting down the hill.
F. Glad to be done!

Total Time Lost - 00:37:00

Split Analysis

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