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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Middle Red


1. Foggy, but there were big easy features on this leg. Ran past the control by a few meters and turned around to see it.
2. Another runner came in just after me, and I started pushing hard to try and lose him, which took quite a few controls. Only three people had faster splits on this leg (none of them M45s), and only Samantha got me by more than 5 seconds (she was a lot faster). Surprising for me to do so well on an uphill leg.
5. Almost blew this one, unsure of my position left-right, and climbed the hill through the green. When I got to the control, I was honestly worried that it might be #6 until I checked the code.
6. Fastest time on this split, trying to shake the other runner.
9. One of the fastest times on this leg as well (only the Saeger sisters were faster, Hill by a lot), and I finally shook my companion.
10. A near screw-up: lost precise contact and checked another control on a cliff that I think was less than 100 m away, directly on the line.
11. The biggest mistake, but not too costly. Got about 2/3 of the way to the control fine, then lost track of where I was. There was a younger guy there who I thought might be on my course (or at least looking for the same control), but he seemed to start looking around one terrace too soon. I knew I had to drop some more, and I was seeing too many big cliffs. I decided to just head SW until I ran out of cliffs, since the control was supposed to be on the last one. That worked, and I decided that I was at the foot of the cliff that I needed to be on top of. I climbed up and got there just before the younger guy.
12. At this point there's a lot of altitude to burn, and I used it to my advantage. I was a tiny bit shaky on this short leg, and I was slightly surprised to see the younger guy get to the control just ahead of me. I kind of suspect that he might have found it when looking for #11 and used it as an attack point, so getting back just meant retracing his steps. After punching, he stopped to look at his map closely, while I...
13. ...smoked this leg! Only two people (Alex Bora and Stefan Slutsky) were even within 30 seconds of me. I was fortunate to find the remnants of an ancient road which got me partway through the barberry, and other than that I guess I'm just pretty good at running down rock-strewn slopes.
14. On the trail for about 150 m, then straight at the control.
F. Second fastest time in the chute (among Red runners). This turned out surprisingly well, and it looks like a lot of it was the fact that I was moving really fast at the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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