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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Middle Red


1. Slow out of the start as I tried to reacquaint myself with the mapping and the terrain. Drifted a bit north, but was okay.
2. Tried to run the hill...
3. Hit the power line NE of the control and went in.
4. Down the road and in at the big boulder.
5. Run to the road and see the round cliffs. Tried to go in carefully, but ended up on the spur just W of the right one. Fortunately, saw the control and attacked.
6. Easy one...
7. Again, easy.
8. Across the top past both swamps. Momentarily confused before I realized it was uphill to the control, not down.
9. Straight across and someone was coming out as I went in.
10. Suddenly there is a pack (okay four runners) but it is loosely organized and everyone seems to be going left. I tried to stay right, but still had to make an adjustment.
11. A year's worth of errors in one leg! I drifted downhill too much and ended up just below #12. Thinking I was on the nose above 11, I went around and down finding as expected. Saw #113 on cliff, but didn't visit instead going NE to "control". Wandered uselessly bailing out twice to my "nose" and swamp. Was now dubious about swamp and was checking it out when I realized that my #12 was code 112. Since most courses were successive and since 113 was down here, 112 had to be "up" and my #11 up even more. That was enough to allow me to relocate. I did so, but ended up climbing all the way to the nose I thought I was originally on before descending to the control. ARRRGHH!
12. There is a bit of a crowd and no one can see it. In my case, to quote JJ, I thought I was in the right spot, but couldn't see the control at my feet because it was blocked by my map.
13. Dubious running and a lack of psych here.
14. Slightly more psych, but still...
F. Done... must try to focus on the good legs...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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