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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Red - Short Pig/WRE


2. Back to the camp site, down the trail, across the bridge, and up to the control.
3. Did not follow plan
My first mistake: I couldn't decide whether to go S with open-trail-open or to back the way I came (since that was familar), but vacillated too much and went mostly straiight. daedalus took the route across the bridge and beat me by over 30 s.
4. Bad route choice
I wanted to give myself 20s lost because of bad route choice (I went acrros the fence and by the parking), but I was only 10s off the leader, so maybe something slowed down the runners who took the obviously better (on paper) L route.
5. I don't know why I was so far off the leaders. Maybe I didn't enter the control circle at the right place and had some fight?
6. Read map too late
Did not read control description
I think I cut across to early near the end, maybe had a little bit of fight.
7. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Did not read control description
Should have gone all the way around, instead of cutting up over that last spur.
8. No attack point
Read map too late
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Hesitated big time. Had trouble figuring out the map north of the path. Was the bottom of the canal really open?
9. I don't think I did anything wrong here, even though I was once again 30s off the leaders.
10. Same here: no trouble with the navigation... I aimed straight for the two houses together...maybe I just need more practice running through ground clutter.
12. Tired
Probably too slow on the uphill
13. I jumped from 11th to 8th place on this leg, so I probably chose the right route. It was the conservative R route around the last spur.
14. No attack point
Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
I wasn't mentally prepared for the fence crossing; I should have gone over the top, but instead tried to go through 2 strands of barbed wire and got pinned at about 6 places.
15. Lacked concentration
Lacked confidence
I could have been more aggressive when exiting 14.
16. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Disturbed by others
Here is where fatigue started to cloud my judgement. I took the path around R instead of the obvious striaight. There are two reasons: 1. there was a car in the parking lot and, irrationally, I was afraid they were going to stop me for directions, 2. when I am tired, I tend to delay climb until the end of the leg.
17. Tired
18. Read map too late
Bad map reading
I went L between the two thickets; should have gone right.
19. Tired
20. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:01:55

Split Analysis

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