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Race Evaluation

WA State Middle/Long Distance Championship Ngangaguringguring: M21A


1. P D R Terrible start - hit the clearing south and went wrong way, Poor planning.
2. P D R Good
3. P D R Goodish - a bit of hunting near the point
4. P D R On the Nose
5. P D R Poor execution of plan, but recovered nicely
6. P D R Perfect
7. P D R To far south and missed the point for a while
8. P D R Good with a bit of hunting
9. P D R Flush
10. P D R Didnt go far enough and dragged around the spur. Silly
11. P D R Massive mess up went towards 12 and the north road rather than 11 - surprisingly corrected perfectly.
12. P D R Was on track perfectly and then went hard right up the hill distracted by someone!
13. P D R Good
14. P D R Small bit of hunting and distraction but otherwise good
15. P D R Got distracted by a point and veered massively off course
16. P D R Bit of hunting but got it
17. P D R Er had no idea when I got close and walked around liek a headless chook
18. P D R Off to the right and was just over it now
19. P D R Generally good
20. P D R Bit of hunting but ok - more than I would ahve liked
F. P D R Sprint finish - had to hold back a bit because of spectator safety.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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