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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig: Blue Sprint


5. Bad compass work
Too low.
7. Bad map reading
Misinterpreted trails and went to a rootstock NE of the tent platforms. Thought the platforms were unmapped (fat chance).
8. Bad route choice
Went down the gully out of the bag. Bond's suggested route down the logging trail was better.
9. Bad distance judgement
Missed high, bounced off the boundary.
10. Caught a stick right in the corner of the left eye. A second very close call, the first one was at Fox in 1999 (but that one had much more blood).
13. Bad compass work
Approached #12 from the W, thought from the S; left #12 towards the S instead of towards the E.
16. +00:25Went straight but chickened once I saw the second reentrant to cross, so went out back to the E-W road and took it. Never saw the logging trail route around that first ridge.
17. Bad route choice
On the dinner wall, there was a beautiful Bond move I totally missed. Down the indistinct trail on the steep spur S of the line. I instead was trapped in the canyon for a while. Approach through #18 and the depression - could have shaved 10-15 seconds if approached from the main clearing (from the NE).
F. Worked it but still lost. Darn running shoes.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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