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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Sprint


1. I decided to take the hill route and it worked out ok.
2. I took a direct compass bearing and followed it.
3. I hesitated just a little because I decided to just read the terrain to find the control.
4. I took a direct compass bearing and hesitated a tad right before the control.
5. I read the terrain.
6. I got a liitle confused because I entered the wrong re-entrant but I recoved quickly by just hopping over 2 re-entrants to the control.
7. I took a direct compass bearing and then got confued because of all of the mini re-entrants. I lost a little time but I didn't get lost.
8. I took a rough compass bearing and started to enter the wrong re-entrant when I saw someone else going into the right re-entrant so I just folowed the person.
9. I ran up the large re-entrant and found the control just fine.
10. I took a direct compass bearing and hit the control dead on.
11. I took a rough compass bearing.
12. I took a really rough compass bearing, read the terrain, and followed another guy that had just passed me that looked like he was really good. (I think he got 17 min. for a total time)
13. I read the terrain.
14. This is when I waqs starting to get really out of breath because I had been jogging the whole time and I had just gone over about 5 spurs, so I just ran a little slowing but made it to the control without any difficulty.
F. I sprinted down the re-entrant to the finish line.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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