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Attackpoint AR - performance and training tools for adventure athletes

Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Blue 1


7. +00:30Passed above the control and circled back to it.
8. +00:30Went too far to the right and had to turn left once inside the wash.
10. Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Navigated to the control circle, then instead of looking both left and right, I looked left only and turned left only. The control was to the right...
11. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Did not follow plan
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Didn't read the map correctly and turned down into the valley one power pole too early and since everything is parallell ridges and re-entrants I got lured in by a double set of re-entrants that looked very similar to where the control actually was.
12. Tired
13. Tired
14. Tired
15. Tired
16. Tired
17. Tired
18. Tired
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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