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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Sprint


1. Took a chance
Followed others
I had seen everyone else running in the gneral direction, so I started that way and then looked at my map while I was running and got off a bit.
2. Knew it was in a ditch. Spiked it.
3. No attack point
Got around the area and it took me a little time to find where it was. I thought it would have been closer to the poles.
4. Went to the second cluster of trees and looked around.
5. Followed cluster of trees and looked in the re-entrant.
6. +00:15I went to the wash area and looked up into the re-entrants till I found it.
7. Stayed the same distance from the stream the whole time and found it easily.
8. Easy to find. Ran up the hill and saw it in re-entrant.
9. Followed "valley" and saw it.
10. Wasn't hard. It was in a cluster of trees over the hill.
11. Went over hill near road and found it easily.
12. Stayed same distance from fence and counted re-entrants.
13. Counted re-entrants again and found it.
14. I hit this one earlier on accident so I reconized the area and found it easier,
F. Remebered path from earlier and took it home.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:55

Split Analysis

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