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Race Evaluation

Western States + Intercollegiate Championships: Sprint


1. Straight. Maybe a little better to go around right and save a line, but attack was easy from top of prior reentrant and on compass.
2. Just straight and around the knoll. Thought I was looking for a spur.
3. On compass, could see the long knoll.
4. On line, leaving knoll in yellow on my left and straight in.
5. Counting reentrants.
6. Cadet ahead, but woods pattern was pretty obvious.
7. Straight line, counting reentrants.
8. Confused parallel features
Drifted off one reentrant to the right and nothing looked right. Got to the place where it opened up to the sides and figured it out, hopped over to the right one.
9. Pretty straight. Figured out it was the ditch on the far slope.
10. Up the spur and over. Getting tired.
11. Open enough that no advantage to trail. Just straight. Lex and Seabass up ahead.
12. Trying to catch Lex and Seabass, but really tired and not making up much ground. Lost attention and started looking one reentrant too soon, but saw the water tanks across the fence and was ok.
13. Past Lex and Seabass, a cadet or two passing me again and getting away.
14. Caught a cadet again for the last time, but he motored out of there and disappeared.
F. Down the reentrant and around.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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