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Race Evaluation

West Point: Blue 1


1. track S of hill - N probably better
2. down to track, cut loop
3. +01:00contour well at first, then slower through rocky stuff. Hit curve in slope too low, climb and luck into distinct knoll - with flag!
4. +02:00contoured out to big cliffs and reentrant. Drop into reentrant too low down, hunt about a bit, try lower, then try higher. Seemed a bit odd, like I'd started lower than mapped, or descended initially without noticing
5. +02:00past swamp to col, then drop but not far enough. Fail to see flag looking down reentrant, so continue through two more. Turn back, see flag and Ken heading towards it.
6. straight, with Ken
7. road to second bend and up, getting away
8. +00:30missed right. Intended to come round the hill, but reckoned without the unmapped thick stuff.
9. Over the top. This is nice, except for the final rocky descent.
10. drop to lake. carelessly start reading map into 11 and overshoot slightly, pulled back by seeing Ken going straight in.
11. Leg it after and past Ken again.
12. left, over two ridges, between cliffs, hesitate thinking I'm looking for reentrant, then in.
13. +01:30Stupidly go N around huge cliffs, hit trail, then swing waaay south along the trail all the way, and up the ride. Not best - see Ken crossing the ride as I'm coming up it.
14. maybe a bit too far right heading for trail
F. This was steep! I finally got round an A-meet course without a collosal error. Helped by Ken specifically to correct at 10, and generally to keep going through terrain.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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