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Race Evaluation

West Point: RedX day 2


3. +00:30Stuck in green leaving #2
4. Bad route choice
Took trail to left and over top of hill. Faster straight to small trail.
5. +01:00James had a faster time along the side of the hill? Mine was along the road to the top of the ridge.
6. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Bobbled at end. Found another control at the end of spur, 50m before ours. No attack point!
9. Bad distance judgement
Disturbed by others
Followed others
Oh boy. Running with James. He punches and keeps running, I didn't see control keep running with him. 5 min. gone!
11. Bad route choice
Two bad falls going down the hill. Bloodied but nothing broken. Should have taken road!

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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