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Race Evaluation

West Point: Blue 1


1. +00:20At start, I am astounded that they don't have map cases. Whose hairbrained idea was this? All day had trouble folding the map. It kept crinkling instead of folding. Took lower trail by pond and cut up reentrant. Was a little high and had to cut back down to it.
2. +03:00Straight to top of loop. Apparently followed indistinct trail without realizing it and was to low. Ran past control to next set of knolls. Wandered a bit. Boris caught me. i have already lost 4 minutes.
3. +04:00Across marsh, up reentrant to high route. High route is way to green. Just try to get out of it. Loose track of distance and pull up way to short. Boris is right there. Finally realize I am on wrong part of hill. continue on. Run right to control (hesitantly) but don't see it so keep going. See people JJ and Eric leaving an area. Figure it must be control. Run over to control. It is control 4. Back to control three. right where I had just been. I was just a speck high. Boris is still with me.
4. Right back to control.
5. +00:20Over Hill. Boris starts off low and then goes high. I start off high and let Boris throw me off. Boris goes higher while I cut down to control. Last time I see Boris.
6. +00:20Run down to tip of pond. Up hill. I can't distinguish what is a "knoll" from what is rocky hill. I miss control but keep looking over my shoulder and see it. Go back to it.
7. Trail to second bend. Up hill. catch JJ at control.
8. +00:45Up and over. JJ goes around. I am to far right. It is all green. Wade through green and have to go back up hill to control.
9. +05:00Decide to take risky route. Head down to edge of map and take trail. Unfortunately, Hillside is very rocky and it takes forever to get to trail. Trail is even rockier than hill side. I wouldn't want to hike this trail much less run on it. Rocks in trail are everywhere. They range from 6 inches to foot high. No problem finding control, just running trail. Matthias catches me. JJ right behind me.
10. Contour some to 10 but mostly straight. Following Matthias.
11. Matthias still ahead of me. Head to south of cliffs, contour around. Can see rocky knoll from long way off. Control description is wrong (Should be south side) Don't loose any time.
12. Up and over. Around big cliff and down to control.
13. Decide to take south route to trail. Cut across marshes. Get to ridge and decide to take ridge rather than run to another rocky trail.
F. +00:03Can't find streamers leaving control. Have to look way ahead to see next streamer.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:48

Split Analysis

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