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Race Evaluation

West Point: Blue 1


1. Bad map reading
Made one wrong turn, and had to go through the woods a little when I should have been on a trail.
3. No attack point
Took a chance
Must have walked right past the flag, but wasn't sure where I was. Wouns up going up to the marsh to relocate, and when I did find it, it didn't look at all like I expected. The control was near the foot of a huge cliff that I can;t find on my map.
4. This looked a little odd, too... whatever.
5. Stayed high to avoid the green.
7. Left the trail at the sharp bend directly south of the control.
8. Did not like map
Contoured around the north end, and got busted by all the unmapped saplings. Wound up a few lines too low.
13. Pretty much straight, just a little south of the line near the end.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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