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Race Evaluation

West Point: RedX day 2


2. Go along ridge, to flat area, swamp. Read the knolls to control
3. Out to road, uphill after yellow open area, past the two small boulders to control.
4. Think about going around on road, don't see pay-off. So I go straight, keep somewhat on hillside at the lake, climb up to yellow, take trail, attack from there checking off the small and big cliff.
5. Back up to road, then steep uphill trail behind mountain, nice running in reentrant, attack from small cliff/grey area, get to control clean.
6. +02:00Follow contour, climb to swamp/reentrant, over saddle, along hillside to swamp, along hill and up reentrant. Follow cliffs. See road, go over to it (shouldn't have, was right on course to control) Relocate on knoll/cliff, in to control.
7. Well, run or try to run.
8. +03:00Go along hill, come out right at flat area before control. See green, read it as the green patch west of control, run down trail, too low, as I see road. Back up, into control.
9. +00:30Use trail to road, cross swamp to saddle, climb up, around the spur and right to boulders, don't see control at first, check description, get it.
10. Downhill slalom, road and in along the hillside.
11. Cross to end of "yellow" road, run along black road to swamp, cross to trail bend and down. Nice running downhill, some speed.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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