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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. trail option right, in at gap, up the spur
2. straight
3. +03:30L around green, then trails L, attacked off the trail ok, but reentrant looked to small from vantage so I went too far S below the green before turning around and heading back
4. +04:00went W through green to pick up trail, but didn't find it, eventually picking up a faint trail which then petered out on me. Slow and tentative, scooted down a rocky hillside and hit catching trail, around and in
5. trails
6. +00:15powerline, then trails, drifted a tad R before the control but corrected when I saw others heading in
7. mostly straight
8. straight
9. contoured above the index line, then in
10. +01:30departed a little L, got turned around in the trail intersection wound up on different trail than planned and wasted time L of line
11. to powerline/trail junction, then trail up and attacking off boulder near trail
12. down to road L of line, then back up
13. due W, hit road bend exactly, road aorund to parking area
14. around the pond (too cold to swim)
15. +00:20lured up on the closer knoll, then saw the bigger hill beyond
16. trail, road and in, picking up a sizable group in here
17. Took the road wide R as I felt like running rather than climbing, then trails up to sharp bend, then passing just above 18 and followed the stream of folks enroute from 17 to 18 back to the flag
18. reversed my route and ran pretty well for an uphill sidehill route, gaining ground on numerous folk
19. kind of loosely with a group in here which included Tim Parsons, Phil, Erin Neilsen?, Jeff Shapiro etc. Would jockey back and forth with them most of the remainder of the course. Bingo feature, lots of folks wandering but I focused on the clearing rather than looking for a distinct evergreen in a forest of evergreens. I think I picked it up as quickly as anyone in the group.
20. Departed quickly, but not really enough energy to break away from group. straight shot to control
21. down to trail, a couple folks ahead opted to go L, I took the R option and a few followed me. Never saw Tim again so I guess the L option was better, but executed this one just fine.
22. +00:30down the trail and then over, got caught up in a bit of brambles in here, allowing Phil and Co. to get away from me.
23. Hoofed it out to the road closing the gap on the bunch ahead, punched in right behind Phil who was the back end of that group
F. Had I been motivated enough, I probably could have really pushed in here and maybe gained 2-3 places, but decided to just hang off the back of Phil and let the group finish in order. A fine run, but quite cold when I wasn't pushing hard. Lost one of my lenses from my glasses out there, ran about half the race with one clear Rx lense and one yellow lense over Rx lense. No real problems, vision just wasn't 100% sharp as my eyes were trying to compensate differently. Hope its a bit warmer at Valley Forge in a couple weeks...

Total Time Lost - 00:10:05

Split Analysis

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