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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Right. Following, but also trying to read and thumb.
2. Following Jeff Schapiro and others. Came into the reentrant from SW of the circle
3. Saw a group, including Dave Yee, go up, to the right, but couldn't figure out what advantage that would bring. So, although I climbed a contour or two, I eventually passed below the first cluster of cliffs and took the L trail route.
4. I intended to take the trail through the green south, but along with Phil and J-J, we overran this to the next major N-S trail. Crossed the marsh at the narrow point and into the control from the north.
5. Most of the people around me recrossed the marsh going N, but J-J went west-ish, which was my intent. J-J got off the front, and I failed to hit the SE-NW trail, instead hitting the squiggly E-W trail.
6. Followed ride to 1st SW-angled trail, crossed the street early, got to the trail W of the road, and then hesitated due to lack of a good attack point.
7. Following Clint and others.
8. Stayed high while I watched others go low. I came down as they were coming up.
9. This leg confused me if for no other reason than the "9" looked like a "6" when I oriented the map. I didn't want to follow the wrong purple line. Left of the line, entered the circle after the spur.
10. Clint disappeared in front of me somewhere here. I intended to follow the trails along the line, and attack the control from the trail network S of the control. When I eventually reached the trail S of the control, I must not have oriented my map properly, because I ran the wrong way (NE) until the knolls I saw to the S mismatched the spurs/reentrants I was expecting. Eventually I found the control without difficulty from the trail jct on the S edge of the circle, but I had wasted some time as well as gotten separated from all the faster and more competent orienteers I'd been following.
11. Ride to trail, R at jct, then attacked from the boulder to the W of the trail. Even with so close an attack point, I still wound up missing the knoll I wanted, ending up 1 knoll south, but recovered OK without too much head scratching.
12. The plan was to take the trails mostly W, but I mis-navigated when I reached the 1st N-S trail W of #11. I was momentarily shocked to encounter the paved road, but decided to make the most of the mistake by hustling along a runnable surface. Took the trails from teh SE of the control, through the 4-way intersection, and attacked from due E of the flag.
13. Another 90° error (I think), because instead of blasting W to the paved road, I fell SSW through the rocky ick to the trail where I had made a similar error during the Motala.Once on the pavement, I made no further mistakes. I saw Jeff Schapiro crossing from 16-17.
14. A guy caught me as I paused for refreshment at #13 Pushing to stay ahead of him, I got a bit careless near the flag, and we both strayed SE, but I corrected first.
15. Ken Walker (I think) appeared from behind along here, and I pushed strongly up the knoll.
16. Continued to push the pace, straight.
17. Just L, then R of the line to reach the Park HQ buildings, but I had not considered the left-around path as viable. I elected to push hard on the road around to the R, leading another guy behind me, who eventually passed me closer to the control as we passed below #18. He stayed higher, I stayed lower, but he punched first. The control came up sooner than I expected it, so I must have momentarily lost contact with the map on the trail N of 17. Took a Gu at the control. The other guy and Ken Walker are ahead of me.
18. Sidehilling straight was harder than climbing a couple of lines to the less steep area and then dropping. As I cam down the little trail from the W, Ken was heading to 19.
19. This leg really scared me. I thought if I contoured, I would likely miss, so I elected to go over the top and attack from the clearings to the S. Since I was looking for a distinctive tree, I figured the tree would be visually different and obvious as I descended. It was, although the last 15m were a bit of dicey footing. No one around when I punched.
20. A series of compass mistakes on this leg. I intended to run along the line, but wound up too far S on the N-S trail, and out of contact. Reorienting from the multi-way jct, I intended to head due N, but mistakenly took the trail a heading NW, which offered a slightly better attack. Adjacent to the boulders, I turned E, ran through the small depressions until I found the larger depression with the control..
21. Trails to the R of the line, turned E just above the numerals "21" where I got a tiny bit distracted talking to a MTB'er, almost missing the small trail heading down through the circle. I missed on my first attack, and attacked a 2nd time more carefully from the cliff at the trail jct above the circle.
22. Plan was trail R, but I found myself heading the wrong way on a trail (perhaps headed W?) Ran the trail to the 3way jct just above the numerals "22" but then got sloppy crossing the rocky streambed. There were people with me here, but we arrived separately.
23. Pushed hard down to the street, crossed it early, ran hard on the trail beneath the line, failed to read the map in the circle, thought the feature was closer to the water's edge. As I saw Charlie drop further behind me, I realized he was up and I was down. $#!+. Slogged up a contour and half and punched the last of the bunch of 4.
F. Tried to repass the group on the sprint to the finish. I passed 2 or 3, including a guy in blue, but Charlie was already finished by the time I saw the finish line.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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