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Race Evaluation

ICO Camp Ransburg: Green


1. Steep ridge side. We went a bit past the bag and backtracked down to find an agreeable place to descend. Great view of the lake and opposite tree line from this location. Scott and I took in the view for a bit before moving on.
3. Contoured around the spur, walking up gradually.
4. The marsh area at the east end of the lake was complete dry, and we were able to walk through it. Got to the bottom of the ridge a little east of the ditch, and had to backtrack.
5. Stream bed to the road, then up the spur to the reentrant.
6. Generally north to the road. One ridge side was very steep (map seems a little deceptive here), and we walked a ways west to find a place to decend. The took the road to the clearing, then NW along the spur, looking for the small clearing. Missed the clearing, then descended into the valley. Backtracked to the second reentrant, and found the bag.
7. NW to the nose of the spur, to north end of the N/S erosion gully, then NW across the two spurs.
8. Contoured to the north, through the two large reeentrant systems. Not all the way to the road.
9. Took the road all the way down.
10. West through the woods to the main road, then north.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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