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Race Evaluation

2013 U.S. Individual Championships/Team Trials: Long Brown Y


1. first rxn - map very detailed, first leg easy but not quite clean at first - izzy Bryant a bit distracting
2. fm NE edge of marsh, careful reading but couldn't see all I needed to see but finally white woods, another runner & pit...whew!
3. first part of leg easy in that just get to NS rd - but then realized how distracting in that runners were walking to start on same path i was running - left path @ bldr & did good job of map contact/detail reading - flag was where expected when due
4. Charlie for company at three - easy, st
5. down spur to SW & generally st, good map contact in grn - flag there when due!
6. st, bit L of line, some confusion as path was small - dove bk in woods, around pond to R, careful read to pt.
7. long wht leg, care w/ compass, got to big reent, could see NE reentrant & voila
8. to N of marsh, stayed on edge, no climb, clean
9. left rd before phone line, to reent bottom & across wall & up to pit
10. took N path to rd - might have gone st had i recognized the familiarity of locale but did not
11. trouble reading what feature was - saw flag in right place, right code...
12. st, figured out circle of bldgs & easy fm there
13. +00:10found myself nr bldg to SW due to path confusion but not much lost
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:00:10

Split Analysis

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