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Race Evaluation

2013 U.S. Individual Championships/Team Trials: Middle Blue


1. +00:30veered left attacking the first hill but then got directly to CP. Kept contact all the time.
2. direct shoot with constant contact
3. straight leaving marsh on the right
4. +01:30pretty much straight. Some hesitation after crossing the marsh. Found myself about 50-70m south from CP.
5. direct shoot.
6. Straight. Saw Sergey when leaving but he was to fast to follow.
7. Reached the trail and followed it until sharp turn, then straight.
8. direct shoot with constant contact
9. direct shoot with constant contact
10. direct shoot with constant contact
11. direct shoot with constant contact
12. +01:00Was pushed to the sought but corrected myself in time.
13. Crossed the marsh on the left that was not optimal but after that was going straight with no problem
14. +05:00Got directly to the correct hilltop but did not check behind it. Started question myself, thought that got too far south, get to the north, made a loop and then saw Will leaving the CP.
15. straight following the marsh
16. directly to CP but did not see those knolls. Got the CP but it looked like it was in the small depression so checked the number just in case and found it to be correct.
17. crossed the march in the middle but it was not too bad.
18. Straight over the hill. May be better choice would be avoid it from the right.
19. straight.
F. home

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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