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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Day 1 Green Y


1. left of line, but right of top of hill. Lots of deadfall and very slow, then crossed stream and up ditch, but it stopped too soon so switched over one to the left. Met Janet T near control.
2. +01:00North, checking off reentrant tops along the way, then by top of stream bed and along long knoll on the right, looking for a thicket at the end, but then wandered when I didn't find one. Finally turned back and saw the control, but still no thicket!
3. Back and forth a bit, but basically along line, hitting road a bit left of knoll, then along trail to second spur top, between darker green patches up spur and across into broad shallow reentrant and up to control.
4. Straight, could see the reentrant forming above the control.
5. +05:00Just R of line, seeing the spur on the other side of the trickle, then across, going through the rocky ground L of medium green, although green was pretty diffuse, but couldn't find the thicket with control and wandered substantially within a small area with three others checking all the unmapped thickets.
6. Mostly straight, seeing the rootstock on top of the spur and straight south from there, seeing the reentrant opening above the ditch.
7. W to trail.
8. Road to clearing and diagonal through, past small building then in, wandering until I found it.
9. +01:00E to trail then generally south, fighting through really nasty greenbriar to rough open field, then through again to near building NW of control. No trouble finding it, but it would have been much nicer to run trail!
10. +02:30Really goofy route. NW through field and along trail to top of ride, to bend, then on compass through lots of deadfall and smilax, drifting too far R hitting powerline near buildings, then back along power line and up reentrant. Seemed farther up than mapped.
11. +00:30On compass, drifting left over the top into a ditch, but it was wrong one and had to go back up to the right.
12. Behind Clem, but caught a briar around the waist and got stopped dead. Otherwise found pretty good line.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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