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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Day 1 Red Y


1. +07:00Turned the map over, looked at Lex and said - well this sucks... And proceeded to walk out of the start slowly.... Actually picked a fairly clean line at a very slow jog headed along the SE side of ridge, but the 1:15000 scale would bite me right out of the gate as I apparently cut across the reentrant a little early and came up about 80m too far S without realizing it. Hit the ride just fine, but kept coming back to what I think was Blue #1 a couple time before eventually determining my mistake and heading N to correct it
2. +07:00No real way to avoid the green, so pushed on in trying to avoid the worst, got shoved R and finally wound up on road just S of the yellow bit, then up to the road bend and more crappy woods eventually getting to the catching feature about 120m SE of the circle, took a few minutes to ascertain exactly where I was though. Another 7 minutes shot
3. Due E then up the ridge in white woods amazingly enough..
4. +00:15somehow managed to find the white gap here and then hooked around the blob of darker green - saddle very tentative (couldn't seen land rising much to either direction) but slowly followed bearing and right to flag
5. out to the road, then back in on spur and down without trauma
6. quick up and over, a couple other folks picked me up in here including Andras I think
7. fairly clean woods running well on bearing, others around me but not real close, nor overtaking me, first into the back
8. around green to SW and in without incident, settling in to the scale of the map now and running confidently where possible (ie no green)
9. +04:00didn't see any good 'route' so pulled a hail mary - run hard on rough compass and pray to hit the white bits and not get hung up. Found some junk, but never got bogged down terribly, popped out on the road just about the same time as the other 3 or 4 folks but we were strung out probably 300m up and down the road. I managed to come out closest to the road bend and trail (perhaps 120m N) so turned on some speed and sprinted to the trail to try and lose them - some followed, some went straight into the woods. Nice generally downhill dirt road run, then in on bridge before radio control. Took the small trail at a pretty good pace, face planted once but rebounded quickly then into the woods at the sharp turn near non-existent cairn. Pretty well spiked it, I think Andras was still on my tail, but the rest appeared to have been dropped. I'll figure 4 minutes of thrashing time on the first half, but it was mostly lots of small thrashing increments tallied together.
10. Along the contour, then dropping - legs starting to cramp in here
11. +00:45had to walk up the hill and for a bit on top due to muscle spasms in both quads. Got through the burn area ok, but wound up slightly S of control due to green around the bag, fairly quick correction
12. +01:10just R of line in the white, across SW end of clear area, Andras and a couple others overtaking and passing me here, but they seemed to be going more toward #13? I cut back and up the reentrant without hassle, but running much slower now, if at all - lots of walking.
13. out to the trail and back to a run as the cramps weren't bad if I don't lift the legs much
14. +02:00decided to take the road around to save the legs, along until the road/trail junction, then just a little farther to clear the worst green and then along the E side of reentrant - clean but slow
15. +01:00down hill and came to very wide powerline clearing and became totally befuddled as there was no yellow on the map, my brain kept focussing on the dual veg boundary to L (again with no yellow) and didn't initially register the power line itself, finally figured it out but a very slow trudge to the control
16. +00:30more slow trudging
F. after all that slow trudging and cramping the last 30 minutes, how in hell did I manage to post the fastest chute time on Red??? Go figure....

Total Time Lost - 00:23:40

Split Analysis

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