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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Sprint Red


1. +00:03Headed to right side of fenced in area reading map, then straight into woods on bearing - hesitated a little at the pointy nature of knoll as mapped, then looked up and saw the bag
2. straight, carefully checking features
3. +00:05got slightly left of the line and had to correct back near the rootstock, but running smoothly
4. straight up to hill - only 5 seconds off the fastest split
5. +00:40went left of line leaving control to avoid some nasty and quickly hit the trail closer to #7 (which was in view) than I was to the trail junction, so opted to just hook around back of #7 and go up hill, but then overcorrected coming back and went south of the dark green patch S of the circle, so basically went in a stupid serpentine S curve. Ran the route well and made no mistakes, but a pretty bogus way to cover such a short trail leg
6. +00:10glancing at the map, was going to go L around the green, but looked up and saw a clear shot through on the ride so took it. But the green extended slightly farther than mapped so had to circle around rootstock CCW to get to bag
7. already been there, ran the trail down while reading map to #8, basically just stuck out my L hand and punched as I passed by the rootstock, barely breaking stride
8. +00:05down the trail, but being a depression, didn't want to overrun it so cut into the woods a little before but got shoved L of line by some unmapped greenery, came around from L side to punch
9. +00:05R of line, cross trail, cross reentrant then downhill to the hilltop, hesitating slightly partway there to read the contours and not overshoot
10. nice leg, contoured R of the line and pretty much paralelled it until I hit the distinct trail bend to the S, then sloped up the hill to the first hilltop - confused momentarily by the single green line on the map, then proceeded to spike the control
11. a trail run, reading ahead on #12
12. reading ahead I was tempted to take the road, but when I hit the parking lot I decided I was moving well, but didn't really have any extra speed at the moment, and the straight shot on the hill looked quite doable at my current pace, went L of first small hill then up over distinct spur, came screaming down the hill and saw the control as soon as I broke out of the woods and shortly thereafter spied #13 as well. Others questioned my choice of route on this one, but for me it was a good decision
13. Saw it enroute to #12, so sprinted to it.
14. +00:08around the green to L, then straight across, the black X didnt' register when I was running and I was anticipating the 'ruin' further up the hill so I inspected the concrete chunk before proceeding down to lower ruin
15. pretty much staying in the woods here (very nice woods BTW) toward the swingset but turning slight R before I got there, then above ditch and popped into field about halfway to the corner then to trail jct and right in. Such nice running here I committed the remaining control codes to memory so as not to have to slow down.
16. +00:05straight up but was expecting flag in field corner and hesitated to read description (knew the code, not description) before realizing it was in the ditch in the shade
17. sprinting right on through, pausing just long enough to hear the beep.
18. ditto
F. in the chute. Good enough to take gold in M45 although being the 3rd result posted I kept expecting someone elses result to be inserted before mine, but not today... My first US Championship... so fine...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:21

Split Analysis

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