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Race Evaluation

DVOA Warwick County Park: Green


1. Went around the marsh. Maybe could have gone straight. Was pretty pumped up; sprinted to this one.
2. Easy control through the field; tried to look ahead.
3. Ran along the creek to marsh and headed S. Somehow did not see the footpath on the map N of main trail. Ended up at the shelter and looked on the map on the main trail for it for a while. Eventually found my way.
4. Game plan going in was to be aggressive and relocate since the park is small. Not the best game plan. Came off a little too far east on the trail and drifted east to the wrong set of streams. Relocated off terrace, but missed the control from the east (poor visibility from this angle). Relocated off French Creek.
5. Slowed it down here, hit 2 terraces, stream interection then right to control.
6. Same mistake as #4: too fast. Relocated off marsh.
7. Took trail route, more climb but easy run and could look ahead.
8. Rough compass to control
9. Followed undergrowth to trail. Rough compass to control.
10. Rough compass to a very large rootstock. Easy to spot.
11. Thought I was taken conservative route. Found a reentrant off the S trail (looked like a terrace) and aimed for the rocks. Confusing area, never was downhill enough; eventually stumbled upon it.
12. Ran through the woods with rough compass to distinct contour feature area.
13. Used stone wall on trail as attack point.
14. Used terrace off trail, the terrace half way to control; read rock feature nicely. Found this one clean.
15. Rough compass; found cleanly.
16. Saw the finish line too early here. Was confused by some trail, then once I knew where I was had some trouble finding the boulder.
17. Sprint
F. Sprint

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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