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Race Evaluation

ROC - Durand Eastman (West) Regular Meet: Red


1. +01:30Did not see a trail leading to CP on the map. Went upper way close to the fence and then was fighting through brairs ona way down. Cought the trail after all.
2. Strait up to cp.
3. Around the vegetation and then straight and around the corner.
4. Along the open opening and then around the spur. Down after saw the pond. Damn slow through the briers.
5. Straight along the road until the intersection, then up bounding the hill on the left. Directly down, crossing the spur.
6. Cut through the green undergrowth to the trail. Got off the field using small trail and then straight keeping the same height. Dropped directly to cp.
7. Up to the trail, left until just before the trail intersection.
8. Down to the open field and then just followed it.
9. Straight to the field corner and was able to see cp from there.
10. trail straight, then right on the intersection until the sharp turn.
11. Followed the hill and then crossed the green area in the narrow part.
12. +05:002 mistakes on the way to #12. First instead of cutting up to the hill in the open area tried to stay lower and stucked in the hardly cross-able bushes. and then when approaching the cp I was staying in the middle of the slope. Reached the next reentrance and had to turn back as couldn't locate the cp. After all found it on the top of the hill much higher than suppose to be.
13. trail, field, trail down, followed the fence until hit the road. Road all the way to the hill top.
14. open field to the fence and then followed the trail to cp.
15. Straight to the large re-entrant using the tree trunk to cross the marsh.
16. Direct cut to the trail and then followed it until saw hilltops on the right, then left down to cp.
17. Around the green , touching the open field and then directly to cp.
18. straight.
19. around the open field, then around the hill wall and the straight to the bridge.
20. Avoiding the green by hitting the open field.
21. straight
F. straight

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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