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Race Evaluation

Ramblers OC (Montreal): Long advanced


1. Many controls sat low to ground not near features but above a plastic skeleton (Halloween theme). Fortunately, this skeleton was on trail.
2. +07:00N to main trail network, NW on trails rounding stone wall but missed spot to go SSE. Messed around for far too long drifting SW of control. No excuses since skeleton was along side stream valley.
3. NW right to golf course which was being used. I left golf course too early then spotted marsh, back on golf course and tippytoed past putters heading for control.
4. Next two controls required a lot of searching as they were not at features and were in featureless terrain.
5. Marshes were much wetter than when course was set.
6. The control was set in what was now the centre of a pond.
7. Nice long run but could not spot last trail intersection, continued S on main trail and turned back to control, arriving same time as runner who had departed previous control with me.
8. Stopped and visited with Richard.
9. Straight over land to fallen tree though I hesitated seconds approaching green.
10. Went straight out to open land hoping the dog park was not overwhelmed with animals. Cut back along road seeing 11 before punching 10.
11. +03:00Even so, I blew 11 big time by bearing E through woods, drifting S when I could have sprinted trails up and around.
12. Exchanged map and sipped some gatorade.
13. Stopped for a big smile and waves when I heard M yell after me! Continued W down road then S on trail to hill and hill.
14. Fast trail run S, W then down ditch.
15. Paused before entering closed trail W but other orienteers said it was not DQ then off end of trail down and up two stream to fallen tree.
16. Followed hill top.
17. +05:00Horrible mess seeking this plastic skeleton in the middle of nowhere. Ended up far down main N/S trail, back N to trail used fence piece and another fence piece then runner leaving skeleton.
18. Long trail run on big, rough rock ballast but stopped at angle in trail as another also considered NE through green. I stuck to trail and answered those puzzled at exactly where to leave trail, into the not dry pond and punch.
19. Fast run as these trails were familiar from my control #2 fiasco.
20. +04:00N out of control but that was a mistake and then I couldn't get proper bearing of each field I entered. Picked up familiar runner at control and we raced each other to the finish.
21. W from 20 to trail, fell down flat (face plant on right hand), picked myself up but stepped aside on single-track for faster familiar runner.
22. SW through woods to trail, W on trail, SW in open land, past cliff, then darted W into woods while familiar runner continued little farther before darting. We split the difference.
23. Familiar runner was going straight to finish but I yelled about one more control again splitting the difference between his speed and my navigation. That sounds weird.
F. Beat familiar runner in sprint to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:00

Split Analysis

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