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Race Evaluation

UNO Beaver Brook: Red


1. paths to stream crossing, then compass.
2. Includes time for hanging 1st control (about a minute). My apologies for hanging it by the control code, so it wasn't easily visible. Very hesitant on way to 2, no features matching up. Lucked upon it when trying to reorient to the trail to the east.
3. Bad plan, bad execution. Dropped down on approximate compass bearing to approximate level. Came out S of the knoll to the S of the control, but took me way too long to realize it. Went down to the bottom & found boulders.
6. Very careful.
7. Here too.
8. Bolluxed this one a little. Finally figured out I was a little too far east and was lucky to spot the control not far from where I stopped.
9. Following features fairly clearly.
10. .
11. Here's where J-J caught up to me. We went down a little too far, by the boulder cluster near the hill. J-J continued on, but I knew we were somewhere very near the circle. Still took me WAY to long to find it.
12. Coming down the trail, I was looking for the boulders at the bottom of the reentrant. Never found them & overshot, turning back when I found the next boulder by the side of the trail.
13. Thought I was on line, crossed the stone wall nearer to the trail than I thought & didn't know it until I saw the trail a little further on.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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